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Mozfest 2021 Talk - Artistic Adversarial Sample Generation

Paint Box vs Black Box: Using Art to Bring Accountability to AI and Surveillance Presented on March 15th 2021 at Mozfest 2021. As image recognition is deployed throughout every aspect of our lives, the rise of adversarial input techniques has given rise to art and fashion meant to confound surveillance systems. This talk will begin by providing an overview of how optical illusions of various levels of technical complexity are leveraged by different artists as "black box" attack methods on various AI-driven surveillance systems. Then we'll explore how these techniques work on both computer vision and human vision in surprising ways, and give the audience opportunities to try and fool their own perception. Together we'll explore the promise that art offers in helping us better understand computer vision, and our own, so we can make informed choices about policies we need to define these technologies’ place in our world.